Our Lawyers

Rickey Ivie

W. Keith Wyatt

Byron Purcell

Rodney Diggs

“Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs is the largest black-owned law firm in the nation and we are proud of our commitment to diversity. Our differing perspectives allow us to think creatively and to better understand our clients’ needs.”

Marie Maurice

Antonio Kizzie

Randall Kennon

“Over our 75-year history, we’ve represented plaintiffs and defendants of all kinds, giving us a rich understanding of the law and allowing us to anticipate our opponent’s strategy in every case.“

Samuel Chilakos

Kristen Wyatt

Sherrye Scarlett

Shant Vayvayan

Mia Mitchell Grandpre

“Our attorneys work in multiple practice areas and frequently consult with one another to ensure that every client gets the answers they need.”

Julio Navarro

Tiffany Rollins

Jack Altura

Audrey Fong

James L. Noble

Yalda Paydar