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our Mission:

The mission of IMW is to be a major law firm in the legal community; owned and staffed by professionals diverse in age, background, gender and ethnicity, committed to providing superior legal services to our clients and leadership to the community

our Vision:

The vision of IMW is to be a multi-cultural law firm serving the legal needs of the global community

Areas of Practice


Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs is an accomplished law firm with a diverse range of practice areas. Attorneys for Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs provide a high levels of professional legal service to clients in the following practice areas:

  • Banking & Finance
  • Cannabis Law
  • Civil Rights Litigation
  • Corporate & Commercial
  • Criminal Defense / White-Collar Crime
  • General Liability / Personal Injury
  • Intellectual Property
  • Labor and Employment
  • Public Entity Representation
  • Real Estate
  • Regulatory Law
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Transportation/Logistics

In a rapidly evolving global economy, banks and financial institutions are facing increasingly complex challenges.  Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs has the capacity and experience representing our clients in a range of issues including, lender liability claims, Civil Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”) claims, fraud and breach of fiduciary duty claims, derivative instruments claims, Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”) matters, general contract and business tort litigation, and internal and criminal investigations. We provide effective and efficient representation that balances business interests with zealous advocacy to meet the full scope of each client’s needs.

Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs advises clients on the complex and newly regulated cannabis and hemp industries. Our lawyers assist clients with navigating the local and state licensing process and compliance with local and state laws. Our lawyers also assist clients with cannabis-related disputes including but not limited to, leasing, breach of contract, partner/investor disputes, ownership disputes, employment claims, criminal defense, litigation, and other matters.

Every U.S. citizen is entitled to certain freedoms and rights, including fair treatment by law enforcement, freedom from discrimination in the workplace, and equal access to services, public education and housing. When those rights are infringed upon, it can have life-altering consequences. If you or a loved one’s rights have been violated Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcel & Diggs can get you the justice you deserve.

For nearly 40 years, we have successfully handled civil rights litigation of all kinds, including abuses of law enforcement power, such as:

  • Police brutality
  • Unjustified police shootings
  • Illegal searches
  • False arrests
  • Wrongful death
  • Malicious prosecution.

Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs can help expose abuses of power and ensure that perpetrators are held accountable.

We are also highly experienced in civil rights litigation related to labor and employment issues. If you’ve been wrongfully terminated, harassed or discriminated against at work, we can assist you. 

Dealing with a civil rights lawsuit can be extremely nerve-racking. Understanding the sensitive nature of civil rights litigation, our attorneys are dedicated to being trustworthy advocates for our clients. With dozens of victories over our four-decade history Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs is here to advise you on your options and navigate you through the legal system.

Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs corporate and commercial clients range from individual entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 corporations, and the scope of our services is as diverse as our client list. With decades of experience, our attorneys advise clients in every legal matter related to their businesses.

Our Corporate & Commercial practice group assists businesses of all sizes, sole proprietors, financial institutions, insurance companies, nonprofit organizations, governmental agencies and entertainment companies with legal issues ranging from transactional matters to complex litigation. We offer guidance on key decisions that can determine your company’s long-term success, ensuring that the choices you make lead to the best possible outcomes.

Since corporate matters frequently involve aspects of many legal disciplines, our corporate attorneys regularly draw on the resources of Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs other practice areas to deliver seamless service to our clients. In this way, our clients receive full attention from dedicated business attorneys and reap the benefits of a full-service law firm. 


In business, disputes inevitably arise. While legal matters can often be resolved outside of the courtroom through mediation, arbitration and negotiation, an impasse on how to bring a case to resolution can sometimes require litigation. When that happens, make sure you have an experienced team on your side to protect your interests.

Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs attorneys are skilled negotiators and fierce litigators. Our attorneys have successfully represented businesses in a range of matters, such as:

  • Breach of contract or fiduciary duty
  • Partnership disputes
  • Business torts
  • Privacy and data security
  • Bad faith litigation
  • Private deals and post-closing disputes
  • Restrictive covenant and trade secret litigation
  • Bankruptcy adversary proceedings
  • Insurance disputes
  • Labor and employment claims
  • Marketing disputes
  • Collections.Whether your business is the plaintiff or defendant and regardless of the complexity of the claim, Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs has the experience necessary to provide you with the highest level of service.


Throughout the life of your business, numerous issues related to corporate formation, operations and governance will arise. Let Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs ensure that you’re making sound legal decisions, no matter which direction you decide to take your business.

Our corporate lawyers have significant experience guiding managers, founders and owners through every phase of business, from initial startup and raising capital to acquisitions and mergers, enterprise maintenance and finally, exit strategies. Each of these phases come with distinct legal challenges that require the knowledge of a skilled attorney. Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs understands the intricacies of negotiations of all kinds, including:

  • Operating agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Licensing arrangements
  • Restructuring and confidentiality agreements.

No matter what criminal investigation or charge you or your entity face, you need a hardworking, aggressive, and experienced attorney who will put your needs first. Rather than use a one-size-fits-all approach to handle your case, Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs takes the time to get to know you and evaluate how your case affects all areas of your life. Our attorneys listen to your concerns and commit to working with you closely to achieve the best results for you or your entity.

Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs has aggressively defended:


  • Violent Crimes
  • Marijuana or drug-related crime
  • Embezzlement
  • Fraud or extortion
  • Driving Under the Influence
  • Forfeitures
  • Civil Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”)
  • Bank Fraud
  • Tax Offenses
  • False Claims
  • Perjury Claims
  • Obstruction Claims


Over the 30-year history of our Criminal/White-Collar Crime practice, we have achieved favorable results for hundreds of clients and have developed excellent relationships with prosecutors across multiple jurisdictions. Having participated in numerous high-profile criminal trials, Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs enjoys a stellar reputation for excellence, competence and success. Our attorneys will carefully exploit any flaw in a criminal case and methodically formulate a powerful defense strategy to achieve the best possible results for you.

How Criminal Cases Work

In any criminal case (other than most infractions), a defendant has the right to be represented by an attorney. Criminal proceedings are complicated, and the consequences can be severe, extending beyond incarceration (jail or prison time).

Some convictions can prevent you from obtaining or maintaining certain types of jobs, deportation for non-citizens, prevent a legal resident alien from becoming a citizen or the dissolution of your company.

Criminal charges are filed against you by the state. A person or private agency cannot charge you with a criminal violation. In criminal court, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. In these proceedings, the District Attorney’s Office represents the state. Each county has its own District Attorney’s Office. In some cities, certain offenses are prosecuted by the City Attorney instead of the District Attorney. Our experienced criminal defense attorneys know the criminal justice system — how it works, which options are available to a defendant, and the likely outcomes. We will develop an aggressive defense strategy to achieve the best outcome for you.

Types of Criminal Cases


An infraction is a minor violation. Many traffic violations are infractions. The punishment for an infraction is usually a fine, and there is no jail time unless the defendant fails to pay the fine. 


A misdemeanor is a minor criminal offense that is less serious than a felony and punishable by a fine or short jail time.

Examples of misdemeanors are:

  • Petty theft
  • Vandalism
  • Driving Under the Influence

Misdemeanors are punishable by a maximum of:

  • Either 6 months or 1 year in a county jail, and/or
  • A $1,000 fine (for most misdemeanors).


A felony is the most serious kind of crime. If found guilty, the defendant can be sent to jail or prison for a year or more, pay thousands of dollars in fines, and even receive the death penalty for the most severe crimes. Defendants convicted of felonies are usually sent to state prison for sentences of 16 months or more.

Examples of felonies are:

  • Robbery
  • Murder
  • Rape
  • Possession of illegal drugs (called “controlled substances”) for sale

Resolving a Criminal Case

Ivie, McNeill, Wyatt, Purcell & Diggs has a long track record of success when it comes to obtaining favorable resolutions in criminal cases. Every criminal case is unique. No matter what crime you have been charged with, we will safeguard your rights and diligently fight to ensure your side of the story is heard. Our attorneys will carefully exploit any flaw in a criminal case and methodically formulate a powerful defense strategy to achieve the best possible results for you.

The attorneys at Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs have decades of litigation experience and that experience makes all the difference when you are dealing with a serious and complex lawsuit.

Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs represents clients in state and federal courts. Having collectively tried thousands of cases, our attorneys have well-rounded perspectives and insight into our opponent’s strategy. No matter your status, our civil litigation team can assist you from pre-trial motions to trial and, if necessary, appeals.

Our reputation for being formidable litigators means that we are well-known and respected by judges and members of the legal community throughout California. We have been through the litigation process countless times and we have successfully won and settled numerous cases. All of our attorneys share a dedication to achieving the best possible outcome for our clients while reducing their cost and time commitment.

Our firm handles an array of disputes including, but not limited to:


  • Auto Accidents
  • Civil Rights
  • Contract Disputes
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Employment
  • General Negligence
  • Insurance Coverage/Defense
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Personal Injury
  • Premises Liability
  • Products Liability

Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs represents a full spectrum of entertainment professionals, including high-profile actors and actresses, musicians, writers, directors, producers, publishers, record labels, production companies and broadcasters. Clients turn to us for assistance with business and litigation matters, including:

  • Contract drafting and negotiations
  • Copyright
  • Trademark
  • Formation of loan out companies
  • Rights litigation
  • New media issues
  • Partnership disputes
  • Transaction agreements
  • Licensing contracts.


With a committed team of experienced intellectual property and entertainment lawyers, Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs will represent you with the same dedication that you put into creating your intellectual property.


When you’ve developed an original creative work, you’re entitled to protect and profit off it. Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs can guide you through the copyright process, ensuring that your copyright meets your individual needs and protects your work for years to come.

Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs will help the copyright process go more smoothly, saving time and money that may be wasted by trying to file a copyright yourself or with an inexperienced firm. Our attorneys are familiar with every detail of the copyright process and will lead you carefully through each step, reducing the risk of infringement in the future. We can also enforce your copyright and assist with litigation if your copyright has been infringed upon.


Your brand is one of the most valuable things your business has. The words, phrases, logos, symbols, colors and sounds you use to describe your business set you apart from the competition. Make sure that they’re protected by trademark.

Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs has helped numerous companies trademark their intellectual property. Our attorneys can provide support throughout the trademark process, including choosing a mark and determining if it’s available, drafting and submitting your application, and enforcing your trademark once it’s approved. Whether you’re beginning the trademark process or you’ve discovered that your long-standing mark is being infringed upon, Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs can help.


Entertainment and intellectual property litigation is a complex field that’s constantly changing. But at Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs, we combine decades of experience with cutting-edge legal strategy to assure the best outcome in your case.

Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs has represented clients from all facets of the entertainment industry, including film, music, literature, publishing and television, in a wide range of intellectual property and entertainment litigation. Our attorneys have obtained positive results for clients in cases related to:

  • Trademark and copyright infringement
  • Breach of contract and fiduciary duty
  • Publicity, privacy and format rights
  • Idea submission
  • Defamation
  • Royalty payments
  • Competitor lawsuits
  • Profit participation
  • Vertical integration claims
  • Interpretation of recording
  • Distribution
  • Talent contracts.


Having successfully litigated cases in state and federal courts, our lawyers have the experience necessary to defend your creative works.


Intellectual property transactions, such as contracts, agreements and disputes, can quickly become complex.

Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs offers comprehensive legal service to individuals and companies of all sizes in the media and television, theater, music, film and publishing industries. Our legal team has extensive experience in drafting and negotiating contracts of all kinds, including:

  • Post-production distribution contracts
  • Transaction contracts
  • Copyright termination agreements
  • Licensing deals.


When you entrust your intellectual property or entertainment dispute to Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggst, you can rest assured that it will be solved effectively.
Our notable successes include:

  • Representing a Tony Award-winning Broadway play
  • Securing an $8 million verdict for a record company involved in a breach of contract claim against a European distributor.

When faced with litigation, there is no substitute for experienced counsel. Our attorneys have successfully handled claims of wage and hour violations, discrimination, harassment, whistleblower and retaliation, wage and hour, and wrongful termination in federal and state courts, including class actions and multi-plaintiff cases. We also prevent costly litigation by providing thoughtful employment counseling and training. With our assistance, you can minimize your chances of facing a lawsuit while maximizing your chances of success in the event of litigation.

Our labor and employment experience includes handling claims with Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) disputes and other federal or state regulations. We also respond to individual and systemic discrimination charges brought before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), as well as state and civil rights agencies.

Prevention & Compliance

Preventing violations and claims should be priority number one. We focus much of our efforts on advising clients on the federal, state and local laws that must be followed. With the goal of improving employee relations and preventing litigation whenever possible, we perform audits to identify problems before they become legal challenges, and work with employers to prepare:

  • Personnel policies
  • Offer letters
  • Employment contracts
  • Compensation plans


In addition, Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs provides on-site training to clients on:

  • Discrimination
  • Reasonable accommodation
  • Workplace harassment
  • Technology and privacy matters

We also provide counseling to resolve workplace conflicts that might otherwise lead to litigation. When necessary, we advise management on how to handle or conduct internal investigations into allegations of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

Wage & Hour

If you become embroiled in a complex wage and hour lawsuit, Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs has had decades of experience handling these matters, including:

  • Overtime
  • Missed meal and break periods
  • Off-the-clock allegations
  • Prevailing wages
  • Independent contractor misclassifications
  • Recordkeeping
  • Payroll deductions.

We represent clients in all types of wage and hour lawsuits in courts and administrative agencies across the country, including class and collective actions. We begin by carefully investigating the claim and gathering evidence, reviewing time cards, personnel files, policies, and other documents. Above all, Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs will defend you aggressively to minimize damage to your reputation.


Being involved in disability discrimination, age discrimination, race discrimination, nationality discrimination, or gender discrimination case can be complex and costly.

In the workplace, discrimination can play out in many ways. Some common examples of discrimination include:

  • Unfair hiring practices
  • Unequal pay for equal work
  • Denying reasonable workplace accommodations
  • Firing without reason
  • Inappropriate jokes, comments, or name-calling.

If you’ve been accused of treating someone unfairly based on race, gender, age, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, disability, ancestry, marital status or medical condition, Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs will carefully advise you on your options.


A harassment claim can arise when an employee believes they’ve had to endure unfair treatment based on their status in order to keep their job. Harassment can be sexual or nonsexual in nature, and it commonly takes the form of:

  • Inappropriate touching or gestures
  • Wearing, displaying or sharing suggestive content
  • Name-calling or inappropriate jokes
  • Sexual or racist comments and innuendos.

Without a carefully thought out legal course of action, harassment claims can quickly grow out of control, becoming costly and harmful to your reputation. Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs will work with you to reduce your exposure, minimize damage and protect your rights.


If an employee alleges that they’ve been fired, demoted, transferred or given a pay cut as an act of retaliation, it is essential that you contact a lawyer to help respond to these claims. It is possible to achieve the outcome you want, and Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs can help you do so. Our attorneys have the experience to take on your case no matter how complex and whether or not the claim has been brought under California state law or a federal statute.

Wrongful Termination

Termination is a delicate situation in any case, but it can become a serious legal matter if discrimination, breach of contract or whistleblower protections come into play. Ivie, McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs can help you minimize the cost and damage if you are faced with defending a claim of wrongful termination due to age, disability, gender, race, religion, or retaliation.


Under whistleblower laws, employees who speak up about perceived harassment, discrimination or other illegal activities in the workplace are protected from retaliation. If an employee “blows the whistle” and believes they were terminated, demoted or forced to work in a hostile work environment as a result, they may be able to file a whistleblower claim.

Whistleblower cases can grow complex very quickly, as there are typically several related labor and wage issues. If you’re involved in a whistleblower claim, Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs can bring clarity to your case and advise you on your options.


Employers are required to provide employees with specific benefits and compensation, including overtime, breaks, mileage reimbursement and minimum wage. When employees are misclassified as exempt or as independent contractors, whether intentionally or mistakenly, they may be entitled to back-pay or compensation for benefits that were lost.

Misclassification is a common but serious labor violation. What may be a simple misunderstanding can turn into a massive legal problem that can cost thousands of dollars.

Class Action

Class and collective actions are complicated, high-stakes lawsuits that require smart legal strategy. When you need to lay it all on the line, you’ll want a robust team of litigators on your side.

Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs has successfully represented its clients in class and collective actions involving labor and employment. We devote the time and urgency these matters deserve, bringing our skills to aggressively defend our clients.

Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs has represented public entities including cities, counties, transportation authorities, law enforcement, public utilities, and school districts, as general counsel, special counsel and litigation counsel, since 1977. IMW has also had the distinction of being the first Black-owned law firm to represent a public entity since the entity’s inception. Sensitive to the legal, political and everyday challenges that face public entities, we draw on our deep knowledge of the Tort Claims Act, Brown Act, Public Records Act and other bodies of law to assist our clients. IMW has defended public entities through trials and appeals in both state and federal courts in employment, general liability, medical malpractice, civil rights, personal injury, regulatory compliance, and ADA, among others.

Without proper legal representation, real estate matters can grow expensive and time-consuming. At Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs, our attorneys’ experience is what makes all the difference.

Our attorneys represent clients in both residential and commercial disputes including, but not limited to, construction defect, breach of contract, fraud, landlord/tenant disputes, title disputes, purchase/lease agreements, and negotiations. When you are dealing with a real estate matter that needs to be handled correctly the first time, Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs can provide you with comprehensive legal service.

Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs has years of experience relevant to the regulation of the transportation, electricity, water and telecommunications industries. IMW attorneys are experienced in rate proceedings, complaints, investigations, litigation, coverage issues, contract disputes and other agency proceedings.

IMW understands that issues can arise due to the complexities of various regulatory requirements. Our attorneys help clients develop regulatory compliance and risk management strategies to help ensure compliance with State and Federal regulatory authorities. Our attorneys’ breadth of experience can assist clients in achieving and maintaining regulatory compliance in an environment where rules continue to evolve.

Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs understands the complexities and nuances of sports and entertainment businesses and our lawyers are zealous, devoted and focused advocates for our clients. As a result, we provide clients with vast experience in sports and entertainment law matters including:

  • Contract negotiation, drafting and disputes
  • Intellectual Property protections, exploitation and enforcement
  • Litigation and dispute resolution
  • Criminal Defense
  • Employment negotiation, counseling and disputes
  • Structuring and forming business entities
  • Devising and advising on business solutions
  • Procedural due process issues
  • Compensation issues
  • First Amendment issues
  • Labor and wage and hour issues
  • Gender equity issues
  • Investigations


We provide sports services to athletes at the professional, amateur, collegiate, and high school levels, as well as retired professional athletes and coaches. We also serve franchises, marketing companies, agents, and individuals and companies providing products and services in the industry.

We also provide entertainment law services to musicians, singers, songwriters, actors, comedians, models, entertainers, authors, artists and filmmakers in the music, film, theater and media industries.

Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs provides decades of experience in its representation of transportation companies, including trucking, rail, trains and buses. Our lawyers defend clients in catastrophic injury, personal injury, wrongful death, property damage and contract disputes on a local, regional and national basis in state and federal courts. We are committed to our clients and their needs 24 hours a day with our rapid-response team consisting of legal counsel and investigators to interview drivers and witnesses, secure evidence, document the scene and coordinate all aspects of the investigation. We are also able to meet the legal needs of our clients by providing advice and representation in related areas such as labor and employment, products liability, criminal defense, and insurance coverage disputes.

Our firm has been serving the Los Angeles area since 1943 when it was first organized by retired Superior Court Judge, Earl C. Broady, Sr. The firm became Ivie and McNeill in 1980 when Judge Charles R. Scarlett and Judge Robert L. Roberson, Jr. received their judicial appointments. Thereafter, the firm name was changed to Ivie, McNeill & Wyatt in 1991 and became Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs in 2019.

Clients of Ivie McNeill Wyatt Purcell & Diggs enjoy the benefits of our “hands on” approach with each file. Each matter is supervised by a partner with the assistance of an assigned associate. We believe in a close working relationship with each of our clients. We welcome the opportunity to handle your legal affairs. Should you require additional information, please feel free to contact our office.

Thank you for considering IMW.

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