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Daily Journal - Tax season is upon us, but the Pink Tax is not

In the words of Alicia Keys: A Woman’s Worth...cannot be more when assigning the price of “substantially similar” male consumer products since the passing of AB 1287 on Sept. 27, 2022. AB 1287 eliminates the “Pink Tax,” or gender-based price discrimination in goods that have unfairly placed a higher consumer burden on women shoppers who are charged more than men for identical everyday goods. Such has commonly been referred to as the Pink Tax, and specially refers to the practice of marking up goods based on them being marketed toward women or female consumers. The Pink Tax is not an actual tax, but is a real burden on female consumerism because it results in women spending more over their lifetime. AB 1287 now makes it illegal to place this upcharge on products simply because they are marketed to women.

By Rodney S. Diggs

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