Legislation Would Require Law Enforcement to Report Deaths and Serious Injuries to Department of Justice: Rodney Diggs Featured in PJ Media Article

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Representative Joaquin Castro of Texas presented new legislation to the Department of Justice that would mandate states to submit detailed reports of serious injuries for both civilians and law enforcement while in police custody, specifically highlighting gunshot wounds. Currently, detailed reports are required to be submitted involving deaths while in police custody.

Partner Rodney Diggs was featured in the PJ Media article “Lawmaker Wants Police to Report to DOJ Injuries at Hands of Officers as Well as Deaths,” discussing his ongoing wrongful death case involving an African-American man who was shot and killed while experiencing a mental episode. Diggs is also involved in an excessive use of force case against the Huntington Beach Police, where he is representing former Orange County Marathon winner Stephan Shay.

“The more information that’s collected about these incidents, the better equipped we’ll be to prevent them from happening again in the future,” said Castro.

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Rodney Diggs

Rodney Diggs

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