Ivie, McNeill & Wyatt Obtained Settlement for African-American Teacher in Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

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Partner Rodney Diggs and Co-Counsel Britany Engelman obtained a six-figure settlement on behalf of an African-American teacher who was subjected to racial discrimination and harassment, as well as subsequent retaliation at two separate schools within the same school district after reporting these aggressions.

The plaintiff, a teacher for more than 23 years with stellar performance reviews, was demoted to Athletic Director after he spoke up about the school’s curriculum not conforming to California’s Education Code. While serving as Athletic Director, the plaintiff reported the misappropriation of funds and was subsequently reprimanded for whistleblowing, as well as subjected to racial discrimination and harassment from colleagues. The school’s administration took no action to address the plaintiff’s complaints and instead, transferred him to another school.

At the new school, the plaintiff was subjected to racial discrimination and harassment from students on a regular basis, and the school’s administration did nothing to prevent these actions, despite the plaintiff’s numerous complaints. Even when a blatant hate crime was committed against the plaintiff, the school administration took no actions to ensure his safety and failed to investigate the incident.

Rodney Diggs

Rodney Diggs

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