Ivie McNeill & Wyatt Obtained Settlement for African-American Nurse in Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

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Ivie, McNeill & Wyatt obtained a six-figure settlement on behalf of an African-American nurse who was allegedly subjected to racial discrimination and harassment, and wrongfully terminated after working at a nursing facility for 16 years.

The plaintiff had an exemplary employment record at the nursing facility prior to being placed under a Filipino-American supervisor whom openly expressed her dislike for African-Americans. The nursing facility was predominantly staffed with Filipino-American individuals, and the plaintiff’s supervisor not only made disparaging comments about African-Americans to the plaintiff and in front of other employees, she also refused to provide tours to African-American families visiting the facility, demanding that the plaintiff handle these guests, referring to them as the plaintiff’s “brother” or “sister.” The plaintiff’s work environment worsened when other Filipino-American nurses began mimicking this harassment.

The plaintiff’s supervisor even initiated an investigation into allegedly incorrect data entries made by the plaintiff and subsequently placed the plaintiff on probation. During this time, it is alleged that the plaintiff’s supervisor and several Filipino-American nurses conspired to falsify complaints about the plaintiff, which ultimately led to her termination.

Rodney Diggs

Rodney Diggs

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