Civil Litigation

The attorneys at Ivie, McNeill & Wyatt have decades of litigation experience, and that experience makes all the difference when you’re dealing with a serious and complex lawsuit.

Ivie, McNeill & Wyatt represents both defendants and plaintiffs in state and federal court, giving us a well-rounded perspective and insight into our opponent’s strategy. We work with a range of clients, including families, individuals, companies and public entities. No matter your status, our civil litigation team can assist you from pre-trial motions and discovery to trial or mediation and, if necessary, appeals.

Ivie, McNeill & Wyatt also regularly represents corporations of all sizes and public entities such as school districts, law enforcement agencies and fire departments. We’ve prevailed on dozens of cases in federal and state court involving allegations of:

  • Wrongful death
  • Harassment
  • Abuse
  • Negligence
  • False arrest.

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Our reputation for being formidable litigators means that we’re well-known and respected by judges and members of the legal community throughout California. We’ve been through the litigation process countless times and we’ve successfully won and settled dozens of cases, so our clients don’t have to pay us to learn the basics on their dime. All of our attorneys share a dedication to achieving the best possible outcome for our clients while reducing their cost and time commitment.

Our firm handles contract disputes, property disputes and personal injury tort claims, including:

  • Wrongful death
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Police misconduct
  • Premises liability
  • Negligent supervision
  • Auto accidents
  • Insurance coverage/defense
  • Third-party assault incidents.

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Our notable successes include:

  • $8 million verdict on behalf of a record company.