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Real Estate Transactions


Real Estate Transactions will involve transfer of ownership of property from one individual or company to the other. The transactions can involve commercial property or residential property. In most commercial property, the transactions will involve companies. For residential properties, they will mostly involve a family buying a home from another family or from a real estate company.

You need a qualified real estate lawyer who will guide you through the complex process of acquiring property. We are a reputable law firm that will assist you in each process of buying real estate property.

Areas of Real Estate Transactions Covered

  • Residential and commercial real estate property acquisition
  • Conducting due diligence to ensure the property meets your intended purpose of buying it
  • Construction defect claims
  • Lease/rental negotiations
  • Purchase negotiations
  • Breach of contract
  • Landlord/tenant issues
  • Foreclosure issues
  • Title disputes
  • Obtaining municipal permits or approvals
  • Negotiating and drafting a letter of intent
  • Obtaining financing for your real estate property
  • Closing the transaction
  • We have helped many clients in Los Angeles, CA. Our lawyers know what it takes for you to be assured of the best services. We will work closely with you on all stages of your real estate transaction till you resolve them fully.


Why You Should Use IMW When Carrying Out Real Estate Transactions

  • Fully Certified Lawyers – You should hire fully certified and experienced lawyers because they will offer you comprehensive services. We have a team of fully certified lawyers who will handle your case in a professional manner to ensure you achieve the best real estate transactions services. There are many clients whom we have helped. We always handle the cases with great care because we know the amount of money involved in buying and selling property in Los Angeles.


  • We Charge Fair Fees For Our Real Estate Services – Even if you will like to carry out huge transactions, you should not be worried about the money you will pay us. We will offer you our real estate transactions services at fair rates. We are a law firm which will work with determination to ensure you achieve the best services without causing you pain in the pocketbook.  If you have a business that deals with real estate on a regular basis, we will provide you a competent lawyer to serve you each time you will be carrying out the transactions.


  • Ivie, McNeill & Wyatt Maintains Good Communication – When representing our clients in real estate transactions, we always update them on different matters that may arise in the process. In case there are any new laws that have been introduced or amended, we will be among the first lawyers to know so that we will update you.


As a law firm we are always ready to serve you at any time when you will need our services. We will always inform you on the progress of your Real Estate Transactions so that you will stay with peace of mind. There are no real estate transactions which we cannot handle to your satisfaction.