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Intellectual Property


Intellectual property law deals with the rules for securing and enforcing legal rights for inventions, designs, and artistic works that will benefit society. Just as the law protects ownership of personal property and real estate, so too does it protect the exclusive control of intangible assets that benefit society in one way or another.

The law is aimed at encouraging people to become creative or inventive and come up with unique ideas that will benefit society. We are experienced and can offer you the best legal services after you have come up with an invention a design or artistic work. We will guide you through all stages of registering your trademarks and patents and copyrights so that you will protect you against unauthorized use. We work with both small and big corporations that involve intellectual property rights.

Areas Of Intellectual Property Legal Services


After you have come up with an inventive work, you will need to register a copyright so that you will prevent unauthorized use of your inventions. We have worked with many artists who were looking for ways of registering their copyrights. With the use of copyrights you will protect your expression of ideas. This will make it possible for you to earn from your inventive ideas. As a law firm we will guide you on the process of registering your copyright. We will act fast to avoid cases where someone else will take advantage and register the copyright before you in case the idea has been leaked.


After you have come up with an invention, you should look for ways of protecting the invention from being sold or made for a certain period of time. As a company we will help you in filing for the patents rights so that you will be able to earn from your hard work of coming up with the invention. We have lawyers who have helped many people in the field to protect their ideas. We serve both small as well as big companies in the field in Los Angeles, CA. There are three different types of patents. We will help you in registering all the patents for you to avoid unfair use of your invention.

Types Of Patents Under Intellectual Property Legal Services

  • Utility Patents – they cover use of machines, chemicals and technology.
  • Design Patents – protects the unique way a manufactured object appears.
  • Plant Patents – protects plant varieties that are asexually reproduced such as hybrids.


Trademarks will protect marks and names that will associate a certain product to a specific company. In order to avoid cases where competitors will mimic your brand and confuse your consumers, you should look for intellectual property lawyers who will help you in registering your trademarks. In case your trademarks had been misused, the Intellectual Property lawyer will initiate the legal process for possible compensation. The intellectual law is complex, but we have the necessary experience required to ensure you are represented accordingly. We have helped many companies to register their Intellectual Property in Los Angeles.