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Entertainment Transactions


When clients in the entertainment industry come to our firm for help, we make it our priority to offer the most comprehensive service for the specific entertainment transactions they are burdened by.  This commitment begins with in-depth research on the situation and continues with strategic steps to ensure the issue is resolved in a smart and effective manner.

Our attorneys are widely recognized as the most helpful resources in Los Angeles, and can help in many areas due to their diverse experience with litigation in many different areas of this industry. From aiding clients in the courtroom to helping them with contract development, our attorneys are there every step of the way.

Areas of Concentration For Entertainment Transactions

More in-depth information on entertainment transactions that we are familiar with is listed below for added convenience. However, we are not limited by these and offer additional services on a client-by-client basis.

  • Media and Television – We work with clients who are involved in all aspects of media and television, including: directors, actors, screenwriters, production companies, authors and many others. Whether we are protecting copyrights, negotiating contracts, creating post-production distribution contracts or helping with litigation in other scenarios, we take the path that leads to the best resolution for our client.
  • Theater – We help protect our clients whether they need a performance contract for themselves or legal agreements with the staff that’s working for them. Other ways we help performers, managers, directors and other individuals in theater production include: creating transaction contracts, resolving disputes, negotiating settlements, securing property rights, creating licensing deals and more.
  • Music – Our music attorneys are responsible for both protection and defense with all types of entertainment transactions. From dealing with copyright infringement lawsuits to overcoming breach of contracts, we involve ourselves in every step of the process. We also help with copyright termination agreements, claims, royalty disputes and many other issues in this industry specifically. In addition to working for entertainers, we also help producers, managers and other individuals involved with the production of music.
  • Motion Pictures – Our attorneys have worked in all aspects of the film industry and bring with them comprehensive knowledge for a smoother legal process. Some situations we’re familiar with include: trademark disputes, writer’s credits disputes, breach of contract, rights of publicity, competitor lawsuits, copyright infringement lawsuits and more.
  • Literature/Publishing – We have worked with clients in both digital and traditional print publishing, giving our team a well-rounded perspective on these types of cases. We can help with all types of legal situations, including: contracts, corporate transactions, royalty disputes, accounting disputes, publishing agreements and copyright infringement.

Intelligent and Effective Representation For Entertainment Transactions

Our experience with the complex legal aspects of the entertainment transactions has made our firm one of the top choices for companies, producers, directors, talent managers, entertainers and many other people involved in this industry.

Whether the situation is small or involves an entire company, we make sure our clients are offered the protection that they need. With our multi-disciplinary team of attorneys working together, there is a greater likelihood of achieving a favorable outcome that make sense for each individual situation.

Entertainment transactions are complex, and with our help you’ll navigate through them with confidence and composure.