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Family Law


We encourage you to call our office for a personal consultation about your family law situation, but in the meantime you can find more comprehensive information on several of our areas of focus below.

Family matters is an area of the law that requires an attorney to have determination, ambition and a strong commitment to developing winning strategies for their clients. Our lawyers proudly encompass each of these qualities as well as many more that make our firm the top choice for Los Angeles residents looking for powerful advocates to help them. Whether family law litigation has already begun or it’s inevitable in the near future, we are here to help. Our attorneys provide respectful, well-researched and in-depth service to help our clients reach the ideal resolution for their case.

Areas Of Family Law

  • Marital Dissolution/Separation

Divorce is more commonly known to family law lawyers as the dissolution of marriage. This may sound simple, even for just a legal separation, but both situations require proper paperwork to be filed in a timely manner, starting with a petition requesting to end the marriage. There are many legal restrictions that apply and rules that have to be followed, which is why we urge you to work with an attorney who will give you accurate advice from the start. Legal consult is especially crucial if you are the one who has been served divorce papers, as you need to protect your rights before any papers are signed.

  • Paternity

Paternity cases require the assistance of knowledgeable family law lawyers, as they will keep the best interests of the child(ren) in mind throughout the entire process. In order to establish biological paternity, genetic testing has to be done through the court. However, if one parent does not cooperate, then a court order may be required to get the situation resolved. With an experienced attorney on your side you’ll be able to take on any paternity challenges that arise and navigate them knowing you’re making smart decisions.

  • Child Custody

Child custody agreements aren’t always amicable, and that’s why legal aid is necessary for even seemingly basic situations. Whether you’re trying to gain sole custody, would like to establish joint custody or are interested in a visitation arrangement, the court has to be involved to make the agreement legal. The court will play a major role in this, and by having an experienced attorney working for you, they can help make sure you’re guided through this process with comfort, confidence and intelligence.

  • Child Support

In California, child support payments are determined through a formula of calculations that consider the finances of both the mother and the father. Special circumstances may also be considered by the court, and will be taken into account to determine what’s in the best interest for the child. At our firm we know this can be stressful, which is why we fight to protect your children while still helping you receive the financial support that’s so incredibly important.


Family Law Protection and Support

Our firm is proud to say that the above situations are only a few that our talented attorneys are familiar with, meaning they have the experience, wisdom and knowledge that’s necessary to protect and support our clients. We are committed to resolving your family law matter with skills and resources that make the process less challenging and stressful for you.


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