Probate deals with the transfer of property after someone dies to their heirs and or beneficiaries. Probate court takes a close examination of the deceased person's assets, debts, and expenses and distributes the estate in a manner consistent with the law and the personal wishes of the deceased if they left a will or trust.

California Probate Law

California probate law is very complicated and having an attorney represent your interests is essential to protecting your rights whether you are planning how you want your estate distributed after your own death or you are a potential beneficiary in a probate case.

While it is possible to leave a simple handwritten will or use a self-help kit to prepare a will, having an experienced attorney craft your will or trust ensures that your wishes will be more precisely defined and more easily accepted by the court and all other parties involved. It is also important that your will fully comply with probate law or things could get messy in probate court. Unfortunately, self-created wills often don't comply with the law.